So much to say.

I’ve been pretty busy lately. In between the holidays, my son’s therapy and my own, as well as dealing with USCIS for my imported husband, I’m drained.

My son is doing fine. I’m still dealing with insurance to get a microarray, which I am not sure what it does, but the specialist recommended it. I just hope the poor thing doesn’t get poked with a needle again. He hates it and it breaks my heart.

The holidays are almost over. I can’t wait. They’re so hard on me. I do poorly with festivities and people and noise. And while I love my kittens, they thought of our Christmas tree as a toy store of sorts. So tired of it. The tree might come down early this year.

It doesn’t help that hearing voices is extremely annoying and the more stressed I get, the more I hear them. So there’s been a lot of that, too.

My own therapy is going okay. I’m getting treatment that pertains specifically to my voices and how they affect me, since medication can only do so much.

As for dealing with an imported husband, well, USCIS hasn’t been a huge pain, but my husband found a job that requires him to travel before he’s legally allowed out of the country (or we face penalties that might mean being separated for 3 years) So it’s a bit of a pickle. He wants the job and we sure could use some extra money around here… so we shall see where that leads.

Today, I’m exhausted. And tomorrow promises to be a long day…

Merry Christmas and a happy New YEAR!!!

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